Welcome to Butterfly College

Butterfly College, a division of the Association for Butterflies, is dedicated to providing the highest quality of butterfly education to both professional breeders and butterfly enthusiasts.

Our online courses, both live and self-guided, offer practical instruction in many aspects of successful butterfly raising – for pleasure or profit.

Annual and ongoing courses include:  Butterfly Breeding, Raising Butterflies, Lepidoptera Disease Prevention, Releasing Butterflies at Weddings, Funerals and Memorials,  Inviting Butterflies to your Garden and more!

Butterfly College offers certificates of completion for select courses.  If a certificate is not desired, individuals may audit courses without completing assignments or taking the final exam.

Throughout the year we offer additional live courses on a variety of topics.

Our Mission Statement

Butterfly College is dedicated to providing quality education to both butterfly professionals and butterfly enthusiasts by sharing best practices of raising healthy, native butterflies and protecting natural habitats of these amazing creatures.


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